Product Features

LED Highbay Light IP65

LED high bay to instead of HPSL and HPML

2. Power consumption 100W 150W and 200W 

3. Luminous output up to 150lm per watt

4. IP65

5. Dimmable control

6. Motion sensor

Product Details

           · Feature


          To instead of HPML (high pressure mercury lamp) and HPSL (high pressure sodium lamp

          Excellent heat dissipation design

          Bean angle: 60°, 90° and 120° are available

          High luminous efficiency: 130-150 lm/W (Output)

          Energy saving 50~80% compare with HPML or HPSL


          5 years of lifespan


          · Option

          Control: Switch ON/OFF, 0-10V dimming

          Installation: Suspension


          · Application

          Gym, Industrial Plant, Exhibition central, Auto sales center, High ceiling warehouse

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