Product Features

"Medical grade" LED Panel Light

1. Diffuser UGR 15~19 (No prism)
    Prism UGR 19
2. Well-proportioned light emitting
3. PMMA LGP 3~4T
4. 130 lm/W output
5. 5 Years warranty
6. Customization is available 

Used for operating room, physical examination center, dental clinic...
Quality: A+++

Product Details

          · Feature

          Well-proportioned light emitting

          Uniform CCT without fragmentization difference

          Light distributes evenly, bright without dark space

          CRI>80. ( CRI>90 is allowed to be customized.)

          SDCM 3 about

          The most scientific of LGP collocation. PMMA 3T and 4T

          UGR 15 < Data < 19

          Output lumens 130 lm/W


          · Option

          Control: Switch ON/OFF, 0-10V dimming, DALI, Sensor

          Emergency device with 3 hrs emergency power

          Installation: Ceiling Mounting fix, Recessed or Suspension


          · Application

          Operating room

          Dental dept & Clinic & Plastic Surgery Hospital and Prime Beauty Salon

          Biology & Medicine Lab, Museum and so on.

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