Product Features

LED 2D Buckhead Lamp

LED ceiling lamp to instead of CCFL

2. Power consumption from 16W to 24W

3. IP54

4. CCT change among 3000K, 4000K and 6000K

5. Dimmable control, Motion sensor, Emergency device is available

Quality: A+++ 

Product Details

          · Feature

          To instead of CCFL

          Energy saving 40~50% compare with CCFL

          Full plastic design, demountable structure, easy maintenance



          · Option

          Control: Switch ON/OFF, Microwave Sensor

          EM device: Emergency battery (2~3 hrs emergency endurance ability with 20-30% power)

          Installation: Ceiling/roof or Wall surface mounted


          · Application

          Corridor, Balcony, Hallway, Stairway, Bedroom, Cabin

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